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Don't mess with Texas - 1

The governor of Texas enacted a program to beautify the biggest of the contiguous 48, giving this program the slogan, "Don't mess with Texas." You wouldn't want to throw any garbage out your window in this neck of the woods.

Don't mess with Texas - 2

Entrance ramp to Interstate 10, near Katy, Texas, showing trees planted on the median of many interstate highways, as part of the governor's program to keep Texas beautiful. The program began only a few years ago.

Don't mess with Texas - 3

More young trees start to grow in a median, along the access road to Interstate 10, eastbound, about 25 miles west of Houston.

Don't mess with Texas - 4

Trees planted on a ramp between Interstate 10, eastbound, and its access road, about 25 miles west of Houston, Texas. The access roads run parallel to most major highways, allowing U-turns and avoidance of tolls.

Don't mess with Texas - 5

A hurricane evacuation sign on Interstate 10, near Katy, Texas. Evac plans have become necessary, but they are a familiar site to many Katrina victims, who have relocated to the Houston area.

Shell Oil Refinery

This fire burns near the smoke stacks of the Shell Oil Company refinery, located near Pasadena, Texas.

Texas churches - 1

Grace Presbyterian Church, from a hotel window across the Sam W Houston Beltway (Texas 8), in Houston's Westchase district.

Texas churches - 2

The Second Baptist Church, near Katy, Texas, just west of Houston, at sunset. It is interesting that the official platform of the Texas Republican Party includes a plan to "dispel the myth" of the separation of church and state.

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