Photo Album: kennedy-07

Tour 1

We toured the NASA Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, June 23, 2007. The curved fence does pretty well to keep out intruders, such as people, small animals, and (mainly) alligators.

Rocket 1

The primary thrusters, on the Saturn V, which generated millions of pounds of thrust to carry astronauts into space in the 60s and 70s.

Rocket 2

Mission patches, huge and hanging next to a life-size model of a Saturn V rocket, exactly like the one that took Neil Armstrong and crew to the moon in 1969.

Space Station 1

An indoor model of the International Space Station.

Space Station 2

A botany experiment, being conducted in a model of the International Space Station laboratory.

Grounds 1

NASA's Vehicle Assmebly Building (VAB), the largest single-story building in the world. The space shuttle is built here, shown through a tour bus window (they don't let you go inside).

Grounds 2

The crawlerway, on which the shuttle travels from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad at 1 mph, forks here, just in front of the observation gantry for Launch Center 39. If it's launching from 39-A, it turns left; 39-B is to the right.

Grounds 3

All parts of Kennedy Space Center that aren't actively used in the space program are reserved as a refuge for native wildlife. Here a snowy egret (stuffed) is shown in a small display house. Also common on the grounds are sea turtles, heron and other bird species, and alligators.

Grounds 4

This pond is part of the nature reserve on the grounds of Kennedy Space Center, shown here from the top of the observation gantry near Launch Center 39.

Visitor 1

A life-size model of a shuttle, liquid oxygen tank, and primary boosters is near the entrance.

Visitor 2

Part of the space center is a garden for old rockets. The Saturn V is lying down, while its black command module is shown in the lower right corner.

Visitor 3

A memorial to astronauts who have died on duty. The names of each astronaut are inscribed on the granite wall.

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