Photo Album: Rodeo-07

County Fair

April 28, 2007 — The Galveston County Fair and Rodeo featured the standard selection of rides, entertainment (mostly country music), and fair food.

Texas Pride

As is always the case in Texas, the state flag is displayed prominently.


The first competition in the rodeo is for Rodeo Queen. High school girls compete, according to the rules, based on horsemanship, ragalia, interview (including poise, appearance, and achievements), and "beauty." In addition to the interview and judging for horsemanship at the rodeo, contestants are monitored by "mystery judges," strategically placed throughout the fair.

Rodeo Queen

During the finals rodeo competition, Katie Bennett was named the 2007 Galveston County Rodeo Queen. She will represent the rodeo around the county for the next year.

Champion Horsemanship

These are the national champs from a few years back, champions of precision horse riding, which resembles what a talented drill team would do on a field, except all the weaving is more exciting and the speed is much greater.


A ride on a bucking bronco lasts eight seconds. A few riders went the distance this night.

Steer wrestling 1

First, the cowboy chases the steer down and ropes it around the neck.

Step Two, Etc.

Then, the cowboy wrestles the steer to the ground and ties three of its legs.


We can't be sure this rodeo clown is representative, but jokes were mostly about overweight wives. Anyway, the entertainment fills in the gaps between acts at the rodeo, which includes occasional audience participation.

Scramble 1

One of the neatest events at the rodeo is the calf scramble. Kids compete for prizes by chasing down calves. The trick is, there are only so many calves in the corral for about twice that many kids.

Scramble 2

Of course, once the kids catch the calf, they have to get it to lie down so they can put the rope around its neck and drag it back to the pen. This could take a while.

Team roping 1

Next up is the team roping competition. One rider ropes the horns, which are protected for the steer, and then, the second rider ropes the rear legs.

Team roping 2

As shown here, action can be rather fast.

Barrel race

Cowgirls are timed racing around three barrels and charging home in the penultimate event.

Bull riding

And finally, cowboys try to stay on a bucking bull for eight seconds. Most don't last the duration.

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