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Historic Battleground

The single bloodiest battle of the American Revolution took place on these grounds, where in less than an hour, the Americans lost over 800 troops, compared to only 35 dead for the British.

Yorktown Guns

These guns were with George Washington at Yorktown, where the Revolutionary War ended.

Georgia Rain

A thunderstorm falls on hallowed ground, where several Revolutionary War veterans lie dead, in all unmarked graves. The bridge in the background goes to the Jasper County Plain, S.C.

Wrought Iron

Many of the houses in Savannah have wrought iron fences. Here a front gate is decorated with iron in the shape of strawberries.

Pet Square

Savannah was a "planned city," built around 16 "squares," which are dedicated to historical figures significant to the city. An American Indian is buried beneath one of the squares, but once a year, the people of Savannah bless their pets. A square marks the occasion, with a drinking bowl coming out of a fountain so that pets can drink.

Churches in Square

Some squares are dedicated to war heroes and presidents, but Savannah also has a deep religious history. Here, the Second African Baptist Church is just outside one of the historic squares.

Statues in Squares

Some squares simply have trees, while others feature statues.

John Wesley

John Wesley, who founded the Methodist denomination, served as a pastor here for 21 months. Apparently, he refused to give communion to an estranged girlfriend, which the church doesn't really consider a valid reason. He was subsequently fired.

Waving Girl

The most famous statues in Savannah, Ga., is on the riverfront, known as "The Waving Girl," who, with her dog, faces boaters on the river.

City Hall Gold

The dome of City Hall is built with 23-karat gold leaf, which is showing signs of wear. The city council approved $2.2 million to make repairs, but now there is ongoing debate over whether such a large amount is being spent wisely.


Tourism serves as one of the great industries on the river that flows through Savannah.

River trees

Flowering trees shown here with the river and opposite shore in the background.


Another statue on the riverfront is dedicated to the Olympics in Atlanta. People in Savannah will tell you the city hosts the second-biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration every March 17, when the population of the city more than triples. "And New York has the second-best celebration," they continue.


The historic riverwalk in Savannah was hosting the First Saturday festival on July 7, 2007.

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